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Sustainability at it's FINEST

Sustainability is a word that gets thrown around nearly every day . In regards to landscaping DBM Landscapes believe its building a landscape that boasts features of having minimal impacts on the environment , saving water , and using native plants.

This months feature garden is a refined modern classic and boasts all the traits which defines sustainability in landscaping.

The front landscape has been designed for the modern family . It boasts a rustic modern look pathway using limestone pavers and recycled bricks to give it that old school charm. The pathway reaches from the drive to the front door and features in built L.E.D lighting to add some night time sophistication and wow factor.

Creating space for the children is a turfed area which has Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf and a full retic system which covers the turf and the beautiful native garden. The retic system is hooked up to the new Sky Drop technology and this device is a huge game changer in terms of water saving capabilities and sustainability. The sky drop has the ability to monitor all weather conditions and only water your garden when necessary. It features a phone app for android or iPhone which you can control and monitor all your retic from anywhere , anytime , anyplace.

The native garden has one of my favorite water wise natives the Australian Grass Tree or scientifically known as ( Xanthorrhoea ). These are a massive feature center piece of the garden and are simple but beautiful, and very low maintenance. The pine bark mulch also has excellent water retention qualities as well as adding more character to the garden.

The raised vegetable garden beds are some of our favorites as you can become a small hobby farmer , growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs all year around. Connected with full drip line irrigation , perfect for growing vegetables and delivering the water straight to the roots.This is another fantastic family feature as you can teach your children about the importance of growing your own fresh food.

To finish of the landscape is a modern rustic picket fence. This is another sustainability feature as its made completely from recycled timber. The picket fence is an Australian classic that creates an elegant look and a barrier to enclose the smaller family members.

DBM Landscapes pride ourselves on delivering the very best in sustainable water wise gardens and this landscape is a testimony that this style of garden can boast sophistication and elegance whilst adding value to the property.