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Pipes for Perth Project / Native Verges

Recently DBM Landscapes were selected to assist in The Pipes for Perth Project.

Did you know that Perth's water main network are over 100 years old and, like anything of that age, they're starting to show some wear and tear. So, the process of replacing these pipes have begun.

The Pipes for Perth Project requires DBM Landscapes to install a number of water wise verges across the metropolitan area after the water pipes have been dug up and replaced with new ones.

We graciously accepted the works as water wise gardens are our specialty Landscapes pride ourselves on delivering sustainable, native, water wise gardens and this was yet another fantastic opportunity to deliver more sustainable gardens to Perth.

There are many benefits to having verges completed with water wise gardens some of them are;

  • Water wise gardens use up to 80% less water than turf or alternative gardens

  • Native plants are extremely hardy, and adapt well to all of Perth’s weather conditions

  • Attracts and promotes native wildlife

  • Reduces garden maintenance, which saves time and money

Did you know that having turf on the verge close to the road is the harshest conditions as road heat can severely affect the growth of the turf!

Equipped with a selection of Australian native tube stock, and pine bark mulch we will be installing the water wise verges over the next few weeks.

When looking at your verge or home garden think NATIVE for the future! If you need help with design, construction, and plant species call DBM Landscapes.