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Neesh Construction

The headquarters of every business is very important, in many cases it is the first people see of the company and therefore image is everything.

Neesh Construction have had a full headquarters renovation and the facility is stunning to say the least.

In order to further compliment the renovations DBM Landscapes were contacted to design and install a full landscape for this commercial space.

DBM Landscapes pride ourselves on our sustainable, native, and water wise gardens and the owner of Neesh Constructions wanted exactly that.

The landscape design at Neesh Construction really boasts a professional and elegant look and adds the finishing touches to the headquarters.

It features a range of native plants such as Lomandra Tanika, Westringa Blue Gem, Anigozanthos Big Red , Yellow Gem and one of our personal favourites the Xanthorrhoea or more commonly known as the ( Grass Tree ).

The Grass Tree is such an elegant stand out. It adds colour, character, and boldness to any native garden design.

The native garden is drip-line irrigated, and then covered with Pine Bark Mulch, which has great water and moisture holding qualities.

To finish of the project the entrance of the headquarters is greeted with a lush Village Green Kikuya Turf which is also fully irrigated for easy maintenance.

Quick thank you to Neesh Construction for choosing DBM Landscapes.

DBM Landscapes are always looking to form strong lasting business relationships and if you need your business headquarters landscaped to really boast that professional appearance don’t hesitate to call us.

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